The average family holiday costs £4800 – WeSwap reveals the top five spending hacks to save you hundreds on a last-minute half-term trip


With families well into the half-term holidays, many families will be looking for the last hurrah before going back to school. The average family consists of two children and two parents, meaning the cost of holidays can quickly escalate. The average family spends almost £5000 on their holiday, excluding spending money. To help families get the last minute half-term break they will sorely need before returning to school and work, WeSwap reveals the top five spending hacks that will save you hundreds.

  • Try to find hotels and other accommodation that offers deals for children, whether that’s a discounted rate or family package. It can mean the difference in hundreds of pounds.
  • No need for a suitcase, especially if there are four of you travelling for the weekend. By investing in a suitcase that fits the overhead luggage limits, you can pack everyone’s weekend bits into the overhead luggage without paying extra for hold luggage – take the largest overhead baggage you can, don’t give your little ones kid sized suitcases.
  • Don’t be fussy with dates and times, if you can help it. Travelling with children can be difficult, especially if they need to be woken at unsociable hours. If your children can handle an early flight, take advantage of the savings you can get.
  • Use comparison sites for everything. Many people use comparison sites for hotels and flights. However, you can find sites that compare the best deals for transfers, excursions and travel insurance, saving you money at every point.
  • Choose your currency provider wisely. Prepaid currency cards are simpler and usually better value for money. However, be careful that the one you choose doesn’t come with any unfair additional fees, such as ATM fees, transfer fees or transaction fees.