Babcock Secures 10-year Contract to Supply Sellafield

Simon Ledingham [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

A subsidiary of Babcock, an engineering outsourcing firm, has secured a 10-year contract to supply Britain’s huge Sellafield nuclear decommissioning site that is located in Cumbria.

The largest nuclear services business in the United Kingdom, Cavendish Nuclear, will design, manufacture, and supply bespoke equipment in the deal that is worth up to £95m during the first three years.

The company will produce sealed containers that are called glove boxes at two new plants that are set to treat and manage nuclear materials.

Babcock said that virtual reality technology would be utilised after the preliminary design is completed in order to allow the customer to test out the ergonomics and distinguish any modifications early on during the process of production.

Cavendish has extensive experience working with Sellafield, including an ongoing work that is designing remote-handling equipment.

Archie Bethel, the chief executive of Babcock, stated: “We are delighted that Cavendish Nuclear continues to support Sellafield in the delivery of this strategically important programme. The team will provide the significant manufacturing capacity the project needs, as well as opportunities to share best practice across the UK.”

The shares of Babcock were up by more than four percent at 712p in afternoon trading.

It comes as a boost to the firm following a £6.2bn contract that was awarded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to a partnership between the US-based Fluor and Cavendish was canceled early because of a “flawed” bidding process.