Bank of America Set to Hold Talks with Gunmakers on How to Stop Mass Shootings

Photo by Mike Mozart/Flickr

The Bank of America will request its clients who produce assault weapons regarding what the companies can do to help in stopping deadly mass shootings.

A statement was sent by the Bank of America to the CNBC saying: “We are joining other companies in our industry to examine what we can do to help end the tragedy of mass shootings, and an immediate step we’re taking is to engage the limited number of clients we have that manufacture assault weapons for non-military use to understand what they can contribute to this shared responsibility.”

Some companies have already terminated their business partnerships with the National Rifle Association because of the increasing outcry against the gun group following the deadly mass shooting that happened at a high school that is located in Parkland, Florida last week.

On Saturday, United Airlines and Delta said that they would end group airfare discounts for the members of the NRA and they were already in the process of notifying the gun group regarding the decision.

Axios initially reported regarding the statement of the Bank of America.