Banner in Google Play Dropped Hints at Dedicated Section for Audiobook


Google Play might actually be close to announcing a section that is dedicated to selling audiobooks. 9to5Google has discovered a banner that is displayed in the Books section of the app market proclaiming its arrival. The banner was even announcing a 50 percent discount for the first audiobook purchase of a user, and it is apparently linked to a category that is distinct from Google Play Music, which already does have some audiobooks that are already offered. However, the said link still brings up an empty page as of the time writing.

While what 9to5Google saw could not be replicated, it is not the first time that the tech giant leaked a hint that it aims to expand the company’s audiobooks selection. An update on Google Play that went out in 2017 had codes revealing that the store is currently preparing to launch a support for an audiobook. The said launch of a new category is currently looking more and more possible. However, users will have to wait for the official announcement of Google to know more.