Barclaycard: Black Friday 2017 Purchases Hit a Record High During Lunchtime


Figures from Barclaycard revealed that spending for Black Friday hit a record high during lunchtime.

The credit card provider said that by 1 pm, it had recorded a 26 percent rise in the volume of payment transactions as compared to the same period on Black Friday in 2016, along with a four percent increase in the amount spent.

Barclaycard was able to process a record-high 976 transactions per second between 12 pm and 1 pm. 2016’s Black Friday peak was at 791 transactions per second, during the lunchtime.

The Managing Director of Barclaycard Payment Solutions, Paulette Rowe, stated: “Early data suggests that shoppers have once again embraced Black Friday, with many taking advantage of the discounts on offer.

“The value spent is growing at a slightly slower rate than the number of transactions, indicating consumers may be opting to buy more goods at a lower price rather than investing in a handful of higher-value items. Nevertheless, it’s ‘so far, so normal’ on the high street and retailers will likely be encouraged by the results.”