More Bars, Restaurants, and Pubs Promise to Stop Using Plastic Straws and Unnecessary Packaging


With the enthusiasm of a New Year’s Resolution, the pub and restaurant operators of Britain are stopping the habit of excessive use of plastic.

Wagamama, Pret A Manger, and City Pub Co. are the latest operators to improve their efforts in lessening plastic waste.

City Pub Co. informed reporters that it would stop making use of straws within the next three months, while it also surfaced that Wagamama, a pan-Asian food chain, will automatically stop providing straws.

Pret A Manger, a coffee and food-to-go chain, will also end automatically providing customers with straws, keeping the straws behind the counter. Instead, paper straws will be offered. The news came after the company raised its discount for making use of a reusable cup to 50p earlier in January.

The changes in policy are the latest in a series of pledges from food and drink outlets including JD Wetherspoon, McDonald’s, All Bar One, and Be At One to stop their use of plastics that are disposable.

All Bar One was one of the earliest establishments to announce its plans to cut straws in its venues, stating in June of 2017 that it aimed to cut down on the around 4.7m straws that it used every year.

In September, JD Wetherspoon followed with the announcement that it had automatically stopped placing straws in punter’s drinks and this month, it has completely replaced the plastic with biodegradable straws.