Berlin Zoo Train Station Evacuated Because of Huge Amounts of smoke

By Arne Hückelheim (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

On Twitter, the German federal police said that on Sunday, long-distance rail traffic resumed at the busy Berlin Zoo train station after several firefighters extinguished a fire that had produced huge amounts of smoke. However, local railway traffic continued to be suspended.

A spokesperson from the fire department informed broadcaster N24 that fifteen people were saved from the platform that was filled with smoke, and one person was being treated for slight injuries.

The spokesperson said that he had no information regarding the cause of the fire.

Germany continues to be on high alert for possible attacks by militant Islamists a year after a failed asylum seeker from Tunisia killed 12 people during an attack on a Berlin Christmas market that is located a short distance from the Zoo train station.

Earlier, German media showed smoke coming out from the large station, which also houses various fast food restaurants and shops as well as public transportation lines.

A spokesperson for Deutsche Bahn, the railway operator, informed Reuters that for some time, the entire station was evacuated, a spokeswoman for railway operator Deutsche Bahn told Reuters.