‘BFR’ of Elon Musk’s is Actually Happening

Photo by OnInnovation from Flickr

A lot of people have been following the extraordinary life of Elon Musk, and the development of SpaceX, his aerospace engineering company. They probably heard of his plans to develop an enormous rocket that could transport humans to Mars and the Moon someday.

The rocket is called the BFR, which stands for Big F****** Rocket, apparently.

Currently, it seems that the said spaceship is more than just a mere concept vehicle after Musk revealed a photo that seems to be a work in progress.

The said photo shows what the SpaceX founder describes as “the main body tool” for the BFR spaceship that will be used to build the fuselage of the rocket.

Musk placed a Tesla sedan next to the BFR component to show its massive size.

The billionaire entrepreneur sadi that the said rocket is anticipated to be 348 feet tall, which is almost twice the size of the Falcon Heavy rocket which is 229 feet.

In 2016, Musk shared some details regarding the fuel tank of the BFR called the Interplanetary Transport System which is said to be powered by liquid oxygen (LOX) and methane.

Musk has established an ambitious timeline for the BFR, with orbital tests that are planned for 2020.

If all goes well and according to plan, he estimates that SpaceX could deliver its very first BFR cargo to Mars by 2022.