Bitcoin Recently Smashed a New Record by Going Over $9,000


On Sunday, Bitcoin continues to rise as the cryptocurrency smashed past the $9,000 mark.

Hacks, the tightening of regulation, and the pausing of a possible split have not been able to affect the stellar performance of the cryptocurrency over the past several months.

According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin hit a fresh record high of $9,043, an increase of 3 percent or $279.

The cryptocurrency has gone over consecutive records, increasing by 836 percent since the start of 2017.

Last week, a $30m hack of a bitcoin exchange briefly sent the notably volatile currency falling. However, it was able to recover shortly. Similar issues were observed after China prohibited the initial coin offerings and after a proposed bitcoin fork was not able to materialise without full support from the bitcoin community.

Numerous analysts are predicting that the cryptocurrency will break the £10,000 barrier before the end of this year.