Blue Vision Labs Emerges From Stealth Mode

    Photo by Bagogames from Flickr

    Today, Blue Vision Labs, a new augmented reality (AR) firm, has risen from “stealth mode” and raised venture capital funding amounting to $14.5m.

    The firm is based in London. It was founded in Oxford, and it enables multiple users of augmented reality apps on smartphones to share the augmented images that they view via the lens or their smartphones.

    According to Blue Vision, this was previously impossible as current augmented reality apps do not allow multiple users to interact and share the same augmented reality experience together.

    Peter Ondruska, the chief executive of Blue Vision, stated: “We’re only just scratching the surface of what our technology could bring to countless industries and sectors, from gaming to self-driving car navigation, and today’s investment brings us closer to realising that potential.”

    The funding round was headed by GV, formerly known as Google Ventures, and some existing investors including Horizons Ventures, Accel, and SV Angel contributed.

    The cloud-based technology of Blue Vision provides self-updating 3D maps of entire cities and can pinpoint the position of a phone to centimetre accuracy.