Bomb Explosion At Somalia Stadium Leaves 5 Dead

By Axmadyare from Wikimedia Commons

Police officers in Somalia have said that a bomb explosion that occurred at a stadium that is located in southern Somalia has resulted in the death of five football fans.

Col. Abdirizak Ahmed of the local police informed The Associated Press that eight other fans were wounded in the said explosion that occurred during a local match that was held in the stadium that is located in the port town of Barawe. The sid stadium was packed with football fans during the occurrence of the blast.

The colonel says that most of the victims of the explosions are seriously wounded and are already being treated at a local hospital.

Some witnesses say that the bomb was buried in the sandy stadium.

The al-Shabab extremist group that is linked to al-Qaida has already claimed the responsibility for the said blast.

Barawe was once a principal stronghold of the al-Shabab before forces from the African Union and Somali seized the town and drove out the extremists. They have been banned from sports activities that are held in various areas that are under their control.

Al-Shabab still has an extensive presence in the region of Lower Shabelle. The group has carried out numerous attacks in the said town.