Bombardier Cuts Hundreds Of Belfast Jobs


Bombardier, an aerospace manufacturer, is set to axe 490 jobs in Belfast as it struggles to reduce costs and streamline the firm’s operations.

Earlier this month, the aerospace company had indicated that jobs in the United Kingdom may be at risk as it declared 5,000 worldwide redundancies, most of those are observed in Canada, where the firm is based.

After the announcement on the 8th of November, Bombardier said that it had “reviewed our manpower requirements in Belfast and regret to confirm that we must reduce our workforce across the company by 490 employees.”

It added: “We acknowledge the impact this will have on our workforce and their families.” The firm employs approximately 4,000 people in Northern Ireland.

The company said that it would be looking at ways on how to reduce the number of jobs that will be lost, however, it said that it needed to “cut costs and improve the efficiency of our operations to help ensure our long-term competitiveness.”

The announcement was faced with outrage from the GMB union. The union promised to “fight tooth and nail” to save the jobs.

Michael Muholland, a GMB organiser, stated: “Our members in Northern Ireland have already suffered months of uncertainty following Trump’s tariffs – now they are under the cosh again.”

The A220 plane of Wings for Airbus are made at a Bombardier factory in Belfast. Last June, the company said that it was exploring some ways on how to make savings on the manufacture of the model in order to drive down the price and boost its sales.

On Twitter, Gavin Robinson, the MP for East Belfast, released a statement saying that he had talked to Michael Ryan, the COO of Bombardier, this morning.

He stated: “My thoughts today are now primarily with those who face an uncertain future.”

He continued. “I hope the company will do everything possible to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies.”