The Bong of Big Ben is Back for the Festive Season


    For anyone who had been yearning for the resonant tones of the largest bell of the Elizabeth Tower – it is back. Big Ben recommenced its “bonging” at 9 am this morning, just in time for the festive season.

    In August, the bells of Westminster Palace had been silenced, as some renovations were initiated in the clock tower. They did chime shortly to mark the Armistice Day last month. However, the iconic Big Ben will now be ringing until 1 pm on New Year’s Day.

    As a part of the conservation project of the Elizabeth Tower, the bells have been hushed for four years.

    The keeper of the Great Clock, Steve Jaggs, stated: “The joyful striking of Big Ben will ring in the festive season for Londoners, visitors, and the millions of viewers who use it as a focal point to celebrate the New Year.

    “Big Ben falling silent has been a significant milestone in this crucial conservation project, but it has always been planned that its chimes would ring out across Whitehall for special occasions, where possible.”

    Early next year, the 158-year-old Great Clock is set to be stripped piece by piece with every cog examined and restored. While the clock mechanism is out of action, a modern electric motor is set to drive the hands.