Boris Johnson : Reform Programme of Saudi Arabia “Hugely Beneficial” to the UK Too

    Photo by Financial Times from Flickr

    After bilateral meetings that were held this week, UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson said that the “sweeping reform programme” of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was also “hugely beneficial” to the United Kingdom.

    At the end of a visit from Mohammed bin Salman that spanned for three days, the foreign secretary stated: “The Crown Prince’s sweeping reform programme is bringing positive economic and social changes to the country.

    “These reforms are hugely beneficial to Saudi Arabia and, as we have seen this week with Saudi Arabia’s pledge to bring £65bn to the UK over the next ten years, to the UK too.”

    The first official overseas trip of the Crown Prince was marked with meetings with the Prime Minister and engagements with the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

    During the said trip, Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, and the Crown Prince announced the UK-Saudi Arabia strategic partnership council that is committed to “a long-term partnership” to promote political and security cooperation.

    Johnson stated: “Of course, there are areas where we do not agree with our Saudi colleagues. But working closely together allows us to have constructive discussions on these issues, and we have used this week as an opportunity to do that.”

    The government of the United Kingdom said that the conflict and humanitarian crisis that is happening in Yemen had been a principal focus of discussions, and the urgent need to strike a political solution.

    The arrival of the Crown Prince in the United Kingdom came amid protests over the role of his country in the war in Yemen.

    In the joint communique from the trip, the United Kingdom recognised the potential of Saudi Arabia as “a global investment powerhouse” and committed to working with the country on the nation’s goals for human capital development and industrialisation.

    Private sector groups are also being organised to support the expansion of fundamental sectors, including real estate, asset management, technology, and life sciences.

    Catherine McGuinness, the policy chair of the City of London Corporation, has been appointed to assemble the asset management and financial services group, while Mike Lynch, an entrepreneur, will head up technology and innovation.