Boris Jonson’s Water Cannon Sold At A Loss


    The three water cannons that were bought and renovated for more than £300,000 by Boris Johnson, former London mayor former London mayor, is set to be broken down for scrap after it was sold for only a small fraction of their value.

    The machines were never used. Yesterday, the mayor’s office announced that they have been sold for parts to Reclamations (Ollerton) Ltd for just more than £11,000.

    The sale price does not even recuperate half of the £26,000 annual cost that were spent to maintain and insure the vehicles.

    The water cannon were brought to London from Germany by Johnson way back in June 2014 for £85,000. It was refitted for an additional £240,000. However, they were refused permission by Theresa May, the then home secretary.

    Theresa May, when she was home secretary, banned the use of the water cannons in riot situations in 2015. She ridiculed Johnson for the purchase during the Tory leadership race a year later.

    The three cannons have ever since stood, unused, in storage. The machines were bought used, but were found to be riddled with faults.

    Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, put the cannon up for sale in 2016. He stated: “For too long, London taxpayers have had to bear the brunt of Boris Johnson’s appalling botched water cannon deal.”

    He added: “I am pleased we have managed to finally get rid of them and I made an election promise to Londoners that I would claw back as much of this cash as possible, and pump it into helping young people at risk of being affected by crime and giving them better life opportunities.”

    In a tweet, Steve Reed, the Croydon North MP, stated: “Boris Johnson’s unused and unusable water cannon wash £300k of public money down the drain – he should be held to account for this at a time when London’s schools and police are facing such severe cuts.”