Brexit Benefits Students, Graduates, and Schools


There is an alarm among thousands working in financial services and interrelated jobs in London and southeast England that the UK’s exit from the EU will skyrocket employment abroad. But could leaving the EU have benefits for masters on finance graduates looking for work in other countries?

Schools in the UK benefit from Brexit as sterling’s fall increases the number of applicants.

Applications for the Masters in Finance course at Bocconi are up 10 % this year compared with 2016, and applications from non-Italians have risen 39%. Professor Caselli says this mirrors the more worldwide outlook of students regarding where they will study and work. “Brexit is making us a bit more global,” he says.

Brexit could also give advantage cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, says Professor Caselli, who notes increased interest among his students employed in these cities.

There has been increased interest from prospective students, with applications for the masters in finance course up 21% in 2016 compared with 2015. Ms. Knobbe links this to the improved reputation of the school’s program, which is seen in better course ranking positions and hiring techniques.

66% of the masters in finance graduates at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) are employed in finance jobs and Germany is one of the three main markets for its graduates, together with UK and Sweden.


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