Brexit Campaigner Andy Wigmore: I Never Accepted Money From Russia


On Tuesday, Andy Wigmore, a Brexit campaigner, told a parliamentary committee that he had never accepted any money from the government of Russia.

The media committee is investigating the possible link to Russia of both Wigmore and Arron Banks, a businessman, who both bankrolled the Leave.EU campaign during the EU referendum campaign last 2016.

During the weekend, the Sunday Times disclosed that those connections went further than the pair had disclosed previously.

Over an occasionally long three hours, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore faced down the questions of the DCMS committee over the insurance business of Banks, their dealings with Russia, and abortive collaborations with the University of Mississippi and Cambridge Analytica.

When he was asked by a member of the committee if he had ever accepted money from the government of Russia ahead of the referendum, Wigmore answered: “No”.

The United Kingdom has said it has not seen any evidence of interference made by Russia in the vote, however, as part of a broader investigation into “fake news,” the lawmakers on the committee are examining whether the Kremlin attempted to influence the public opinion beforehand.

When he asked if he had passed some information to officials from Russia, Banks informed the committee that he had given them a telephone number for the transition team of Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, before his inauguration.

Banks stated: “The only thing we gave in the second meeting was the telephone number of the transition team because the Russians wanted to get hold of the transition team.”