Brexit Causes ‘Seven Fewer’ McVitie’s Digestives in Packs


McVitie’s is reducing the size of a packet of Digestives due to the price increases that were caused by the Brexit drop in the pound, the company claims.

The company said that the value of the sterling has made its ingredients more expensive and they did not want to sacrifice the quality of the biscuits.

A packet of Digestives will be reduced by 20 percent, from 500g (17oz) to 400g (14oz), which is equivalent to removing seven biscuits from a pack that has previously contained 34 pieces.

It follows a similar change that was made by McVitie’s in the number of their Jaffa Cakes which were also reduced from 12 to 10.

The company said that more than 10 percent of its 700 products – including HobNobs – would also be reduced.

McVitie’s was not able to provide reported with a full list of the products when asked.

Mondelez, the Toblerone maker, reduced the size of its chocolate bars in 2016, having fans “distressed” and urging others to urge a boycott.

The change to products is an indirect result of the EU referendum. It has drawn comments from various campaigners.

The deputy director of the Open Britain campaign, Francis Grove-White, stated: “No wonder the latest polling shows support for hard Brexit is crumbling. The everyday consequences of the post-Brexit fall on the value of the pound are difficult to digest.

“The Brextremists are taking the biscuit with their support for a recipe of leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union.

“They need to accept we cannot have our cake and eat it, or our economy will be cream crackered by a hard Brexit.”

A Department for Exiting the European Union spokesperson was not available for comment.