Brexit Plan Of Theresa May Undemocratic, Says David Davis


David Davis will be branding the Brexit plan of the government as “devoid of democracy” in yet another stinging attack on Theresa May, the British Prime Minister.

The former Brexit secretary will be making use of a speech in Germany that scheduled to tomorrow to criticise the so-called Chequers plan as a “non-starter.” He will be claiming that it goes back on the promises that the Conservatives made in their General Election manifesto in 2017.

Last July, Davis stepped down from his position in the government as a form of protest at the negotiating stance of May. Earlier this month, it was revealed that he is set to reveal an alternative Brexit plan in the coming weeks.

His intervention that will be announced in Munich will happen less than 24 hours after Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, urged for the plan of May to be “reworked” prior to a crunch summit.

The Guardian reported that Davis is anticipated to say in his speech that “For me, the Chequers plan was always a non-starter.”

He will be adding: “At Lancaster and Mansion House, the Prime Minister promised to return control over our law, our money and our borders. These promises were in our manifesto too. But the Chequers plan crosses on all of those red lines.

“The EU is often correctly described as having a democratic deficit. But Chequers is devoid of democracy altogether.”

He will also say: “We have been told that the Chequers proposal fulfills what the British people voted for. Well, I am afraid I simply do not buy that.

“Fifty-two per cent of British voters oppose the proposals. Only 18 per cent approve. It is quite remarkable for a government policy to be that unpopular.”

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that an additional summit of the leaders of the European Union will be held in November in an attempt to get the Brexit negotiations over the line.

In an interview with the BBC that was held on Wednesday morning, Davis said that this summit would see the discussions “reset” as a stalemate has already been reached.

He said that the sides would eventually agree on a trade deal that is based on the agreement of the European Union with Canada.

May is set to address the EU leaders at a gathering that will be held in Salzburg, Austria, on Wednesday evening as she attempts to sell her Chequers plan as a viable Brexit deal.