Brexit is ‘stupid’ and could still be reversed says top EU official


A top official from the European Union’s thas stated that Brexit is a “stupid decision” which could still be reversed by the people.

Martin Selmayr, Chief of staff to Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, announced that the door “will always be open” if Britain wishes to return to the European Union and said it was still “legally” possible for the United Kingdom to change its decision before then.

However, on Monday, while speaking at a conference in Brussel, Selmayr, revealed that it was unlikely that the government of Britain would change its mind.

“Brexit is bad, and it’s a stupid decision. The only people who can reverse it would be the British people and I am not a dreamer, I am a realist. Brexit will happen on March 29, 2019,” He said.

“The door of the European Union after March 2019 will always be open, and to all of our British friends, of course that is something that we humanly wish, but politically at the moment this option is not on the table, ”  added Selmayr.

Last week, Michael Barnier, the chief Brexit negotiator of the European Union, suggested that Brexit will be an “educational process” for Britain. It also warned about the  “extremely serious consequences” of leaving the single market need to be explained to the European Union.

Barnier denied on Monday wanting to teach a lesson over Brexit or to educate Britain, instead, he explained the benefits the single market in a tweet saying: “I said: #Brexit = occasion to explain single market benefits in all countries, incl my own. We do not want to ‘educate’ or ‘teach lessons’.”

However, Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed rumours about delaying Brexit as talks hindered over the scope of the divorce bill, one of the three principal issues needed to be resolved before discussions continue.