BREXIT: UK faces Renegotiating 759 Treaties with Non-EU Countries


The UK will have to renegotiate at least 759 business agreements with 168 non-EU countries after it leaves the European Union.

The agreements include 295 bilateral trade arrangements, 202 regulatory service agreements, and hundreds of specific agreements on fisheries, transportation, customers, agriculture and nuclear fuel.

Multilateral negotiations based on consensus involve 132 separate parties, researchers found.

Although, further 110 separate talks with the UN and World Trade Organisation have not been included from this study.

“While Brexit is often cast as an affair between Brussels and London, in practice Britain’s exit will open more than 750 separate time-pressured mini-negotiations worldwide,” the Financial Times said.

The demand to renegotiate deals will put pressure on officers at Whitehall where only three people are presently committed to negotiating aviation deals.

These officers will need to renegotiate 17 existing agreements with third world countries and about 40 bilateral deals that involve EU clauses, it said.

“This may need to be done in the space of a few months, once the EU-UK terms are clear and Britain decides how much of its aviation regulation will be repatriated,” the newspaper said.