Brexit: Vote Leave chief who developed ₤ 350m NHS claim on bus confesses leaving EU might be ‘a mistake’


Among the masterminds behind the Brexit vote has carried out an impressive U-turn by confessing that leaving the EU might be “a mistake”.

Dominic Cummings, the Vote Leave project director, explained the referendum as a “dumb idea” before other concepts had been attempted to recover powers from Brussels. He has likewise cautioned that Brexit is forming up to be a “ensured fiasco”, without huge modifications in Whitehall to provide an effective settlement.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, took on the remarks, stating: “Dominic Cummings has let the feline from the bag. This is the guy who slapped the ₤ 350m NHS rest on the side of the bus who is now stating leaving the EU might be an error.

” These Brexiteers have offered us a puppy and lied to the general public. This is why I think the general public must be offered a say on the last Brexit offer.”

Mr Cummings is unknown to the general public, but is extensively viewed as extremely prominent behind the scenes in managing in 2015’s shock referendum Leave vote. A previous unique consultant to Michael Gove, he created the expression “vote leave, take control”, which thrilled fluctuating citizens into thinking Britain might recover sovereignty.

And, infamously, he featured the project for an additional ₤ 350m to be invested in the NHS each week from diverted EU costs– which likewise showed important, MPs stated. Leading Brexiteers consisting of Boris Johnson were photographed along with the bus– but the promise was instantly discarded when Theresa May took control of in Downing Street.

Mr Cummings’ volte-face can be found in a late-night Twitter exchange with the legal analyst David Allen Green, where he was asked whether anything could happen to “want Leave had not won the referendum?”

In reply, he composed: “Lots! I stated before REF was dumb idea, other things shdve been attempted 1st. In some possible branches of the future leaving will be a mistake.”

Last month, Mr Cummings tweeted that MPs who backed Leave need to require change on Downing Street and the Department for Exiting the European Union, led by David Davis. “If Leave MPs do not assert themselves to require MANAGEMENT modifications on No10/DEXU, Brexit talks = ensured fiasco as I’ve stated for a year,” he composed.

The remarks come amidst fresh cabinet infighting over the terms of Brexit, as ministers make use of Ms May’s weak point to argue for different techniques.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond buffooned Mr Johnson’s claim that Britain might “have its cake and consume it” in the talks– but was, in turn, slapped down by Mr Davis for arguing for a prolonged transitional duration.

The Brexit Secretary’s previous chief of staff than criticised the Prime Minister for connecting his hands by firmly insisting all influence held by the European Court of Justice need to pertain to an end.

Mr Farron included: “The federal government, led by the nose by Boris and Gove are a disarray. These Brexiteers have required us to play a huge stakes game of Russian live roulette with countless tasks at threat.”