Brexiteers Warn Barnier of “Huge Support” for Hard Trade Divorce


According to reports, next week, a quartet of pro-Brexit heavyweights warn the chief Brexit negotiator of the European Union regarding “huge support” for returning to rules of the World Trade Organisation rather than settling for a bad deal.

MEP Steven Wolfe will go to Brussels, flanked by Lord Digby Jones, the former CBI chief, and John Longworth, the ex British Chambers of Commerce head, along with John Mills, the Labour Leave chairman.

On Saturday, the Daily Telegraph reported that the foursome is eager to cut an upbeat tone with the Chief Brexit Negotiator of the European Union, Michel Barnier. Woolfe initially set up the said meeting after it appeared that Barnier was determined on only talking to those who are on the Remain side of the debate.

Woolfe said that the European Union has recognised that “there has been a bit of an echo chamber” by speaking to a raft of Remain supporters including Kenneth Clarke and Tony Blair.

“We want to show a bit of strength, that there is an iron will behind the negotiations to give support to our politicians and our civil servants.”