Britain has a £19.8 billion monthly online spending habit


Britain has a 19.8 Billion* monthly online shopping habit, with experts revealing the true amount we now shell out, on everything from groceries to cars and even “adult” products.

New research of the nation has revealed the average Briton now forks out an incredible £300 per month on online purchases, with Saturday at 10.20am the online shopping rush hour for British consumers.

But according to the study, it’s not just the amount we are shelling out online which is surprising, it’s where we choose to indulge our shopping habits.

As many as a quarter of Brits (25 per cent) admit they like to shop while sitting on the loo, while nearly two in ten regularly splash out while in the bath.

Almost half have shopped while in bed with their other half and a distracted and frankly rude 4 per cent even admitted they’ve made a purchase during an intimate moment with their partner.

And we aren’t always transparent when it comes to what we buy online, with as many as 39 per cent of Brits admitting to hiding new purchases from their partner because they’re ashamed of what they bought.

Among the purchases Brits have frantically tried to hide from their other half included diet pills, iPads and even outfits for their dog. One respondent even admitted to hiding a book they had bought on DIY Divorce proceedings.

The research, released by car company Dacia to mark the launch of its Buy Online platform, found a quarter of us shop online while on public transport and a sixth would even make purchases while enjoying a scenic walk in nature.

Saturday is also the day we like to spend the longest online, with people on average spending over two hours of the day shopping online.

The study revealed that our biggest spending item were holidays where we pay out £589 a year online, followed by £487 on groceries and £317 on clothes.

The study also revealed the incredible range of goods we pick up online featuring everything from fashion (which 60 per cent of respondents buy online) to vitamins (20 per cent) to adult toys (15 per cent) and even caravans (4 per cent).

He-tail therapy also seems to be the new norm online with men spending £52 a month more than women every month.

Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia UK said: “This research shows that Britain’s love affair with online shopping is only getting deeper and we’re willing to spend more and more on bigger items.

“A decade ago only 15 per cent of respondents would have even considered buying a car online. But now our online showrooms offer the convenience and chance to avoid some of the 21 hours spent researching and test driving before making a purchase.”

According to the data, Bristol emerged as the sexy underwear capital of Britain spending £250 a year on lingerie, while style conscious Geordies spend the most on clothes – £434 on average.

People from Plymouth spend the most on health and fitness products (£274), while suave Londoners spend £310 a year on grooming products.

The folk of Oxford spend the most on their pets – forking out £316 a year on their furry friends, while people from Cardiff spend the most in the UK on take away meals, £296 a year.

Meanwhile, the adventurous people of Nottingham spend the most on “adult” products, an eye-watering £259 on average.

Perhaps unsurprisingly 70 per cent of people admit that buying something gives them a good feeling, with the avenge Brit spending one hour and 12 minutes of their working day shopping at work.

And unsurprisingly it was the younger generation who are the biggest online spenders, with 16-29-year-olds dishing out £374 a month compared to £207 for the over-60s.