British Airways to get strike cover from Qatar Airways


The federal government states it will enable the lease by British Airways of some Qatar Airways airplanes and team to assist cover a 16-day strike by some UK staff.Transportation

Secretary Chris Grayling states Bachelor’s Degree can rent 9 Qatar A320 and 321 aircrafts and team after recommendations from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Bachelor’s Degree will use the staffed aircrafts to reduce flight cancellations and traveler interruption from Saturday.

The 16-day strike was triggered by what Unite union calls Bachelor’s Degree’s “hardship pay”.
The long-running commercial action issues around 2,000 of the airline company’s mixed-fleet staff who, if they signed up with since 2010, fly brief and long-haul paths generally from Heathrow airport and make less than cabin team on earlier arrangements.

The airline company has actually currently cancelled a little number of flights from Heathrow and combined others, but the leasing handle Qatar suggests Bachelor’s Degree will have the ability to get the large bulk of travelers to their locations.

A spokesperson for the provider stated: “We will run 99.5% of our schedule. Our Oneworld partner, Qatar Airways, will be running a little number of short-haul flights on our behalf.”

“We have actually combined a really little number of Heathrow long-haul services and all consumers impacted have actually been alerted over the previous week.”


The airline company had to obtain approval from Mr Grayling and the CAA needed to make a suggestion to the minister because the Qatari airplane and team are can be found in from outside the European Union.

A representative for the UK Civil Aviation Authority stated: “An application by British Airways to briefly ‘damp lease’ [working with airplane and team] 9 Qatar-registered airplane has actually today been authorized by the UK Department for Transport.”

Unify had actually asked for the CAA suggest obstructing the wet-lease offer, declaring it broke EU guidelines and pointed out issues over Qatar’s human rights and labour requirements record.

The union produced the extraordinary strike action because of a pay disagreement and it declared the airline companies had actually eliminated concessions and benefits for staff if they had actually participated in previous strike action.

Join nationwide officer Oliver Richardson stated: “Vindictive dangers from British Airways total up to business bullying from an airline company more thinking about penalizing employees on hardship pay than attending to why cabin team have actually stood out.”