British Government Suffers Parliament Defeat on Significant Brexit Bill

By Maurice from Zoetermeer, Netherlands via Wikimedia Commons

A significant Brexit bill of the United Kingdom has experienced a difficulty as the House of Lords voted to seek for continued membership in the customs union of the European Union after Brexit.

Last Wednesday, the upper house of the Parliament voted 348- 225 for a change to the EU Withdrawal Bill that is seeking to remain in the customs union of the European Union.

John Kerr proposed the said amendment. He says that the amendment is considered to be an attempt that seeks to “limit the damage” of leaving the largest market of the United Kingdom.

The government, which is lead by the Conservatives, says that the United Kingdom will leave the customs union and single market of the European Union following the withdrawal of the country from the bloc that is scheduled on March next year. However, various businesses and lawmakers want the United Kingdom to retain the country’s membership in a customs union in order to dodge border checks and tariffs.

However, it is not clear whether the said amendment will be able to survive when the bill becomes law as the House of Commons has the power to overturn the changes that are made by the unelected upper house.