British Prime Minister Praises Christian Values in Christmas Message


    Theresa May has urged people to celebrate Christian values this Christmas, and remember the people across the globe who have been denied religious freedom.

    The British Prime Minister has also honoured the members of emergency services, the armed forces, and the volunteers who are doing charity work over Christmas.

    In her Christmas address, May stated: “As we celebrate the birth of Christ, let us celebrate all those selfless acts – and countless others – that epitomise the values we share: Christian values of love, service and compassion that are lived out every day in our country by people all faiths and none.

    “Let us take pride in our Christian heritage and the confidence it gives us to ensure that in Britain you can practice your faith free from question or fear.”

    Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, urged families to “think about others” during the Christmas period, especially the people who will be alone during the festive season, and those who are living in war-torn nations.

    Corbyn added: “And abroad we think of those living in nations like Yemen, Syria and Libya in fear of bombs and bullets, of injury and death.

    “None of this is inevitable. We pride ourselves on being a compassionate nation.

    “My Christmas wish is that we all do more to help bring about the kind of society and world we want to live in.”