Britons Abandon Their Online Baskets


Today, as the retailers of the high street are affected by their online rivals, the significance of having a fast website has been brought sharply into focus.

After experiencing the rigmarole of choosing their favourite wares, 47 percent of Britons abandon their baskets due to slow load times.

Also, a long-winded process of checking-out can also be bad news for retailers online, with 41 percent of the UK public saying that they would give up on their supposed purchase as a result.

The study, of over 2,000 shoppers from the United Kingdom, discovered that 55 percent of the people cited the speed of service as a principal motivation for choosing whether to shop with a retailer again. Meanwhile, 60 percent of people that were surveyed continue to be exasperated by long queues waiting in order to complete their in-store purchases.

“Consumers have become used to fast and efficient retail encounters and expect every touchpoint to deliver service at speed,” said a retail account director at Black Pepper Software, Josie Byrne, which commissioned the said research.

“The agility to deliver on speed can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity – indeed, every extra second in website load times costs retailers a seven percent reduction in conversions, presenting a £1bn cost each year.”