BT is Set to Increase its Broadband Prices in January, again


It is far from unusual for the cost of subscription services, from Netflix to your mobile tariff, to increase from time to time, especially in order to reflect inflation. However, BT does not seem too concerned with what is normal. After increasing prices in July 2016, and again this past April 2017, BT has announced that the next round of increases will go into effect on January 7, 2018. That is three price increases in only18 months.

As ISPreview reports, there will be an increase of £2 to £2.50 per month for the monthly cost of broadband packages, depending on whether users are on a standard or fibre plan. If they are a Sky TV customer with the sports channels of BT, they will have to pay more for them by January also. The bill of Sky users will increase by £2.50 every month if they are on BT broadband, or £3 if they are with another ISP.

The price of landlines is staying on hold for now, just as it did in April 2017. This is not surprising given the extra regulation that Ofcom recently imposed on fixed-line services, forcing BT into reducing the price of line rental for landline-only customers by £7 per month. However, calls are getting slightly more costly. Calls to mobiles and to other landlines are each increasing by a penny per minute (currently 16p and 12p per minute, respectively). Call setup fees are also increasing from 21p to 22p.

“We know that no one likes price changes, but this allows us to upgrade our services and give you more. Every customer will see improvements to their products and services alongside these changes,” the statement of BT reads. There are constantly new regulations, and of course, legislation ISPs have to abide by and budget for, not to mention inflation. Still, if users are unhappy with this third price increase in 18 months, you are well within your rights (all thanks to Ofcom) to terminate your contract without penalty within 30 days of being informed.

BT will formally relate the changes to each of its customers this November and December. However, have a quick shop around before you jump ship. Chances are, other ISPs are contemplation about what price adjustments they want to make in the new year, too.