Bug Bounty Campaign Launched by Exscudo


The financial ecosystem which unites traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets, Exscudo, is glad to announce the start of the bug bounty program. The Bug bounty formally launched on October 9.

A few weeks earlier, the project also started the EON blockchain public testing (testnet). Exscudo is developing some sophisticated products, including a mobile wallet, a trading platform, a b2b merchant, and a decentralized messenger.

Hence, the bug bounty campaign will have various stages, beginning with the EON blockchain & node testing. The Bug bounty ‘s participants will help Exscudo to improve the EON blockchain and get EONs.

Exscudo dedicated 20 percent of the entire EON emission to the bug bounty rewards that is equivalent to 480,000 EONs. The reward will depend on the severity of the bug, which will be evaluated by the Exscudo team. Terms and conditions of the said campaign are outlined in detail in Exscudo blog.

Exscudo team aims to encourage more users to participate in the bug bounty campaign. If users happen to discover a vulnerability in EON blockchain testnet, they should not hesitate to report it via help.exscudo.com or easily send an email to [email protected]