Bus Fare of London’s One-Hour Hopper is Now Officialy Unlimited


Starting today, the fare of the Hopper bus has gone unlimited, so users can make as many tram and bus journeys as they wish within an hour.

Prior to today, the Hopper fare only allowed passengers to take only a £1.50 bus or tram journey and then transfer onto another tram or bus for free within an hour of touching in at the beginning of their journey.

The said change means that passengers will be able to make unlimited tram and bus journeys, even if it means traveling on Tube or rail services in between, for the price of a single journey.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, stated: “The Hopper has been a huge success so far with over 140m journeys, and from today Londoners will be able to change buses as many times as they want in an hour – whether commuting to work, or popping to the shops and back.

“The previous mayor said it couldn’t be done, but alongside my TfL fares freeze, the expanded Hopper is a key part of my commitment to make London a more affordable place to live and work.”

The London Mayor said that the said fare forms as a part of plans to help encourage more Londoners to skip cars for public transport and help improve the air quality troubles of the capital.

Transport for London (TfL) has estimated that about 13,000 additional passengers will currently benefit from the unlimited fare every day.

However, Caroline Pidgeon, the London Assembly Liberal Democrat member, said that the announcement “should not hide the fact that Sadiq Khan is now overseeing cuts in bus services.”

She added: “London’s new one-hour bus ticket would be far more successful if people were not being forced to wait longer to simply catch a bus.”

This year, improvements to the contactless system and Oyster card are also set to be rolled out. These include the pay as you go system on the Elizabeth Line, weekly capping on Oyster in order to bring it in line with contactless and adding the ability to view a passenger’s journey history for contactless pay as they go journeys using the TfL app.