If You Buy the iPhone X, You Might Want to Seriously Consider the AppleCare+ Offer


It is becoming more and more useful to sign up for the repair and protection services of Apple.

The iPhone X, Apple’s latest phone, opened for preorder on October 27 and is set to hit stores on November 3. The rather expensive phone’s price starts at $999, and each iPhone comes with a regular ninety days of support and a year of repairs. However, to avail AppleCare+, it will cost consumers an additional $199.

An Apple Care+ plan lengthens coverage to two years of support and repairs, with a fee of  $29 for screen damage and a $99 for other damages, which include accidents. And if users choose to opt out of purchasing that plan, it is going to cost you more than ever before to have your iPhone X repaired.

A screen repair will cost $279 on the iPhone X without the AppleCare+, while “other damage” will cost $549. That is the same price as a new iPhone 7.

Those repair costs are a big increase from earlier models — which actually makes sense, given that the iPhone X is built with more cutting-edge materials, such as an OLED display and a glass-covered chassis. On the positive side, Apple informed reported that it expects to extend screen repair capabilities by the end of 2017 to around 400 authorised third parties in 25 countries. Apple also covers shipping if users send their phone in for repairs and give them a loaner, and can perform a lot of services via the Apple Support app.