Cabin Crew Unions Of Ryanair Warns About Further Strike Actions

By Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons

The unions representing the employees of Ryanair across Europe have warned that they will organise the biggest strike in history that will be held later this September unless the airline would agree to change their working conditions.

Seven unions that are representing mostly cabin crews who are based in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands said that they would make a decision on whether to hold a strike by the 13th of September – following a meeting that was held in Rome on Friday morning.

The strike would likely take place during the last week of this month. It would be the third day of action after Belgian, Spanish, and Portuguese cabin crew employees held two days of strikes at the end of July.

The airline has experienced its worst ever strikes last summer, as the action by pilots and cabin crew forced the Dublin-based airline to cancel flights, including those that are bound to major holiday destinations such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

The unions have released a list of changes that includes a request to be paid into bank accounts in their own countries, instead of an account in Ireland, and the hiring of employees under local laws.

On Friday, the low-cost airline also revealed that it would restore six aircraft to Dublin later this year, thus reversing its original decision to move them to Poland once Irish pilots went on strike – which they did last month, prior to reaching an agreement with the airline.

Eddie Wilson, the chief people officer of Ryanair, stated: “The board and management of Ryanair are committed to union recognition, and working constructively with our people and their unions to address their reasonable concerns, as long as this does not alter Ryanair’s low-cost model or our ability to offer low fares to our customers.”