A Camera That Was Lost At Sea For Over Two Years Still Working, Will be Returned to Owner

Photo via Laughing Colors

A woman who is from Japan was able to be reunited with a camera that she dropped in the ocean over two years ago. The camera was found by some schoolchildren in Taiwan washed up on a beach. It was already covered with barnacles.

In September 2015, Serina Tsubakihara lost her Canon camera while she was scuba diving off Okinawa when she went to the aid of a friend and thought that her camera had been lost forever.

She said that she was scuba diving and she lost the camera when one of her friends ran out of air and needed her help.

This week, the schoolchildren were on a beach-cleaning trip. They found what they thought to be a rock. However, it turned out to be the digital camera that was safely housed inside a waterproof case – and it remains perfectly functional.

Once it was recovered, the device even had sufficient battery charge that was remaining to power on and display the last images that were taken by its owner.

On Tuesday, Park Lee, the teacher of the children, posted some of those photos on Facebook and just a few hours later, Tsubakihara saw them through her friends. She knew that her camera had been found.

In a message, Lee lauded the “magical internet” while announcing the improbable re-discovery.

Tsubakihara is a student at Sophia University in Tokyo. She wrote in a Facebook post: “I never thought this would happen. I can’t still believe this is happening, but the only thing I want to say is thank you so much for every single person who was involved with this!

“I am so lucky and happy to have such a wonderful experience to feel the kindness of people.”

Lee informed the BBC that his class had debated on what to do with the camera that was found over 150 miles away from the place where it was originally lost.

He said: “Some children thought we had earned the camera and could keep [it] for ourselves. Others suggested we should try to find the owner, and so we all sat down to think about how to do that.”

The broadcaster reported that the class pondered whether looking at the images was the right thing to do. However, they decided that it was the only way to look for the photographer.

Tsubakihara plans to take a trip to Taiwan this coming June to meet Lee and claim her camera.