Campaign to Remove Theresa May From Office Reportedly Coordinated From The Office Of Iain Duncan Smith


Reportedly, the campaign to remove Theresa May from office is being coordinated from the office of Iain Duncan Smith, the former leader.

A group of Brexiters who are eager to end the leadership of PM May gathered in the plush office in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon in order to talk about the tactics ahead of the no confidence vote that is set to begin just hours later.

Steve Baker, a former Brexit minister and the shop steward of the European Research Group, was among those who were in the said meeting, along with Sir Bernard Jenkin, the old Maastricht rebel ally of Duncan Smith.

Duncan Smith has repeatedly claimed that he would not submit a letter of no confidence that will trigger a vote as he was also subject to such an action when he was leader in 2003 – even though he has said that it is “time for a change.”

By holding the meetings in his office, Duncan Smith is now considered as a key player in the plot to remove May from Downing Street.

The other MPs wh were present in the meeting were Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Ross Thomson, and Simon Clarke.

When asked regarding the meeting, Sir Bernard stated: “I can’t talk right now.”

May is set to address her Conservative colleagues at the meeting in Parliament that is scheduled at 5pm on Wednesday, with voting on whether she should stay as leader set to start at 6pm.

A source from Downing Street revealed that May is set to inform the MPs that the confidence vote is not about who will be leading the party into the next elections, but about securing a deal that delivers on the Brexit referendum in 2016.

May needs to win a simple majority – 159 votes to be exact – in order to stay on as leader. It then cannot be challenged for year.

However, if she loses, the starting gun will be fired on a leadership election which PM May will not be able to stand in.

The results of the vote will be announced between 8-9pm on Wednesday evening.