Canary Wharf Group: No Significant Accidents In More Than Three Years of Construction

    By Diliff from Wikimedia Commons

    The group that is responsible for developing Canary Wharf says that they have been able to reach a milestone of working for more than three years without experiencing a significant incident in its construction of the new Wood Wharf area.

    The Canary Wharf Group started developing the mixed-use Wood Wharf last February 2015. It said that so far, it has not recorded any major accidents for any of its workers. IT is considered as an unusual case for projects with similar sizes.

    The group company secretary and managing director, John Garwood, stated: “It’s a unique achievement in the construction industry.”

    He added: “To achieve this, you have to create a positive culture on site, and that’s not always easy. It’s about getting everyone to buy into it, to achieve the goal.”

    2023 is the scheduled date of completion of Wood Wharf. It will include more than 3,300 new homes, almost 2 million square feet (sq ft) of commercial office space, and an additional 380,000 sq ft of restaurants, community spaces, and shops.

    Currently, the group has a workforce of 1,100. However, it is set to almost double the number before the end of the project.

    Still, the director of Canary Wharf contractors, Mark Taylor, is confident that they can continue with their clean record.

    He stated: “We set the standards early and have followed through all the way.”

    He says that a system of rewarding workers who follow the guidelines with gift cards, as well as top-notch facilities on site are important to keep up with the safety standards.

    Taylor stated: “It’s a well-run site and the guys are well looked after.

    “You feel like you are part of a team.”

    Allies and Morrison Architects is the designer for the Wood Wharf development. It is being built on one of the largest privately owned sites in central London.