‘Captain Marvel’ Beats Expectations With $155 Million Opening Weekend


Following two months of a comparatively somber domestic box office, Hollywood finally got the hero it needed as “Captain Marvel,” Marvel’s latest movie offering, began beating box office expectations even before the weekend was over.

The Marvel superhero flick is the first of which to feature a female lead cast. It was slated for a conservative $125 million opening. However, following a strong Thursday and Friday at the box office, Disney is now expecting that the film will haul in between $145 million and $155 million.

Some analysts even expect that the film could garner as much as $195 million. The final tally would not be released until Monday, however, Disney will reveal a more accurate estimate on Sunday after the showings on Saturday night.

Between the previews last Thursday and the showings last Friday, “Captain Marvel” earned $61.4 million in the United States of America, setting it as the seventh best Marvel Cinematic opening day domestically, behind the three “Avengers” films, namely “Captain America: Civil War,” “Iron Man 3,” and “Black Panther.”

“Captain Marvel” arrives almost a year after the cliffhanger ending to “Avengers: Infinity War,” which teased that the heroine is considered as the most powerful superhero and the only one who has the ability to take on villain Thanos.

Last Tuesday, before the opening of “Captain Marvel’s,” Fandango reported that the movie surpassed “Black Panther as the highest advanced ticket seller since “Avengers: Infinity War.” The movie is lead by actress Brie Larson (“Room”).

This presale figure is considered to be particularly impressive considering that Carol Danvers is a relatively unknown character to non-comic readers.

Internationally, the film has grossed approximately $127 million, including a $34.3 million opening day haul that was recorded in China.

The figures come despite the mixed reviews about the movie itself; some say that it is spotty and its script leaves much to be desired while others think that it is sufficiently empowering.