Challenger Files Legal Papers To Challenge Third Runway Scheme At Heathrow

    By Warren Rohner via Wikimedia Commons

    Today, a challenger to the recently approved third runway scheme at Heathrow has filed papers at the High Court to attempt and force a judicial review of the decision of the Department for Transport (DfT).

    Last June, the DfT gave the go signal to the own plan of the airport to build a third runway that will be called the North West Runway plan (NPR). The idea has been criticised and talked about by many governments for years.

    Heathrow Hub competed to win the bid for an alternative extension to the airport. It would involve the extension of the Northern Runway, instead of building a new one.

    The firm says that by going for the third runway, Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, has chosen “the most expensive, complex, disruptive expansion plan.”It added that the airport vetoed the rival proposal of Heathrow Hub effectively.

    Heathrow Hub says that Grayling acted unlawfully in choosing the NWR scheme by vetoing the proposal over the runway extension.

    It also said that Grayling was not able to present “adequate and/or intelligible reasons for its assertion” that the scheme of the NWR was able to provide a larger capacity for air traffic movements and more respite as compared to a runway extension.

    The firm added that Grayling had acted unfairly by not being able to produce intelligible information or explanation regarding what the safety concerns were or details regarding the bases of those concerns.

    A DfT spokesperson stated: “As the secretary of state has made clear, we are confident in the decision-making process which led to designation of the Airports National Policy Statement, and stand ready to defend it robustly against legal challenge.”