Chancellor Of Austria To Theresa May: Avoid A ‘Hard Brexit’

Photo from Flickr

Sebastian Kurz, the chancellor of Austria, has told Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, that it is important that Britain avoids a hard and disorderly Brexit. The warning comes as the UK Prime Minister continued her charm offensive on the member states of the European Union.

During a trip to Salzbug, PM May held discussions with both Kurz and Andrei Babis, the Czech prime minister, to sell the interest of trading with a post-Brexit UK.

Barnier said that the European Union cannot and “will not delegate the application of its customs policy and rules, VAT and excise duty collection to a non-member.”

However, this had been at the heart of the facilitated customs arrangement of PM May, whereby the EU and the UK would collect tariffs on behalf of each other.

Kurz stated that while he perceived Brexit “negatively,” it was still important that the negotiations between the two sides did not result in a hard Brexit. A hard Brexit is defined as the United Kingdom coming out of the customs union and the single market, with a solution presented on the table by October.

The “rainbow” tour of the continent of the United Kingdom has seen Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, meet his German counterpart in Berlin, while the home secretary, UK chancellor, the minister for the Cabinet Office, and the business secretary are also set to meet their counterparts across Europe over the period of summer.

It comes as Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator of the European Union, signalled that there were key pillars of the plan of PM May for the future relationship of the UK with the EU that he could not accept.

Yesterday, a poll that was conducted by the YouGov showed that the number of voters who are supporting a second referendum regarding the terms of the final Brexit deal had supposed those who are against for the first time.