Chief Brexit Negotiator of the EU: Disagreements Continue on Brexit Transition

Photo by DG EMPL/Flickr

The chief Brexit negotiator of the European Union says that major differences continue over whether Britain should be required to respect all the rules and obligations of the European Union during the transition period after Brexit.

Britain and the European Union are negotiating a transition period that would start when the departure of Britain from the bloc takes effect in March 2019, and it is said to run through 2020. Some officials have said that the transition period would allow the United Kingdom to ease its way out of the European Union while presenting certainty for businesses.

However, on Friday, Michel Barnier, the chief Brexit negotiator of the European Union, informed reporters that “the transition is not yet sealed.”

Barnier stated: “If these disagreements persist, the transition is not (a) given.”

Barnier stressed that “the United Kingdom must accept all the rules and the conditions right until the end of the transition, and must also accept the inescapable consequences of its decision to leave the European Union.”