Chipotle shuts down restaurant after customer posts video of mice scurrying around

Chipotle mice – via Twitter

Chipotle has closed down an establishment in Dallas because of pests.

The firm shut down the restaurant on Tuesday, almost 21 days after a customer tweeted a viral video of mice running around the store’s floor, according to Chipotle.

The client insisted that the rodents had dropped from the establishment’s ceiling.

Chipotle quickly acknowledged the issue and said it solidified a gap that had provided the rodents way to the restaurant.

Now three weeks after, the group is closing the area to evaluate the structure of the building further, Chipotle spokesperson Quinn Kelsey said.

“We have temporarily closed the Chipotle restaurant in Dallas’ historic West End District at 208 North Market Street so we can continue to assess the construction of this 100-year-old building thoroughly,” Kelsey said. “Employees have been given the option to relocate to nearby Chipotle locations while our teams are evaluating the building.”

The Twitter post read:

“My friend @BahadirKoseli took this video at lunch today at Chipotle in Dallas (West End) @ChipotleTweets literally explain this please.”

She said the establishment would resume when they are “certain the building meets all Chipotle standards for operation.”

This is the second incident in a month that Chipotle has tentatively closed an establishment. The chain closed a branch in Sterling, Virginia in mid-July after a norovirus sickened more than 130 consumers.