This Christmas, Aldi is selling a THREE-LITRE bottle of Prosecco


Aldi, a discount supermarket, confirmed that this Christmas, it will be selling a massive three-litre bottle of Prosecco, holding the equivalent of six regular-sized bottles of fizz.

From November 14, the Prosecco Jeroboam DOCG will be available for sale in stores and online. It will set shoppers back just £40. Prosecco’s Similar-sized bottles will cost around £99 through or if you fancy shopping at Selfridges.

Aldi said that the “delicate yet serious” booze is a “beautifully pale straw colour” with a “soft sherbet taste.”

However, if three litres is a bit much, there is also a rather more modest Prosecco Magnum (which holds 1.5 litres) for £12.

Prosecco is quickly becoming the Brit’s drink of choice. According to the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco, as a nation, consumers drank a third of all the Prosecco produced in 2016, more than any other country.

If consumers fancy buying booze, they could do a lot worse than Aldi, which has won a host of awards for its alcohol range, which includes two gold and eleven silver medals from the International Wine and Spirits Challenge and the Decanter World Wine Awards.


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