Citi and ISS Launch High Frequency Connection to Enhance Proxy Voting


Citi, in collaboration with Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS),
the leading provider of end-to-end responsible investment and governance solutions
to the global financial community, have launched a high frequency connection that
seamlessly links Proxymity SM , the pioneering digital proxy voting platform
developed through Citi’s D10XSM program, with ProxyExchange, ISS’ platform, to
expedite the delivery of proxy ballot information.

Through the connection, for company meetings supported by Proxymity, users of
ISS’ research and voting platform, ProxyExchange, can now leverage the Proxymity
platform’s proprietary technology and algorithm to benefit from features such as
instant meeting notifications and extended voting deadlines, which in some cases
will provide up to nine additional days for decision making. ProxyExchange users
will also receive timely post-meeting vote confirmations that their vote was cast at
the meeting.

These features may aid investors in their compliance with regulatory initiatives such
as the European Union’s Shareholder Rights Directive II, and the focus on
encouraging transparency in financial markets and empowerment for investors.
“The integration and use of Proxymity services with ProxyExchange is further
testament to the vast potential of the platform,” said Dean Little, Co-Founder of the
Proxymity platform at Citi. “This collaboration shows how Proxymity can effectively
be used without any change to the systems and workflows that ISS clients already
know, like and trust. This is a significant win for all users.”

In addition to the data and workflow already available in ProxyExchange, users of the
ISS platform can now benefit from enhanced visibility for supported company
meetings by casting vote instructions directly within ProxyExchange. By eliminating
intermediaries, the Proxymity platform enables supported issuers to receive near
real-time confirmation of investor votes quickly after these are entered.
“ISS is committed to assisting our clients through all stages of the voting process and
through the delivery of cutting-edge technology and are pleased to work with
Proxymity in furtherance of this objective,” said Lorraine Kelly, Head of Governance
Solutions at ISS. “The connection between ProxyExchange and Proxymity will
provide our clients with a sophisticated and streamlined information delivery and
voting solution while providing near real-time visibility into the successful casting of