The Co-op Wants to Remove Long Lines at Checkouts

By The Co-operative (The Co-operative Food Branch) via Wikimedia Commons

Long lines to pay for your big shop could now likely become a thing of the past following the announcement of the Co-op, a supermarket group, that it was launching new technology that will enable its customers to scan and pay for their shopping through an app.

Co-op is following in the footsteps of Amazon. Earlier this year, Amazon introduced the company’s first check-out free supermarket in Seattle.

Today, the Co-op said that it would conduct trials of its so-called scan and go initiative at a store that is located in Manchester, before rolling out the system to a store that is located in Reading this summer.

However, it also assured the customers who prefer a more traditional shopping experience that they will still be able to fall in line at a checkout if they so desire.

Th Co-op stated: “The technology sits alongside conventional payment methods in store – such a self-service tills and manned checkouts.”

Co-op’s director of retail support, Matthew Speight, added: “We recognise there are many communities where customers pop into their local Co-op and enjoy a friendly chat – it is all part of the service.

“Whereas for others, perhaps with a train to catch or on a school run, every second can count as consumers seek increased convenience.”