Cold snap sends Brits packing – Brits willing to spend thousands on a last-minute winter getaway


WeSwap, the world’s first peer-to-peer currency exchange service, is ready to reveal nationally representative data, commissioned across a sample of 2006 UK adults, to find out how much Brits are spending on winter breaks this year. In anticipation of a cold snap accompanied by a MET Office yellow weather warning, some Brits are bracing for ice and snow. Meanwhile many are busy packing for their winter getaways, with more than a quarter planning them a matter of weeks in advance. WeSwap has exclusive data showing how much Brits are prepared to spend on a winter holiday, as well as the most popular winter destinations for 2019.

  • Brits are willing to spend, on average, £811.20 per person on a winter holiday abroad
    • Millennials are willing to spend £599.30
    • Those aged 55+ are willing to spend £977.90
    • South West residents are willing to spend £1065.90
    • 26% are willing to spend £1000 or more
  • 26%, representing 10,384,646, of Brits tend to plan for their winter holidays less than one month in advance
    • 31% of millennials

With more than a quarter of Brits prepared to spend over a thousand pounds per person to escape the impending ice and snow, WeSwap found out just where Brits were planning on heading this winter, pulling together a league of the most popular holiday destinations.

Top 10 Most Popular Winter Holiday Destinations

  1. Caribbean
  2. USA
  3. Canary Islands
  4. Spain
  5. Australia
  6. Iceland
  7. Canada
  8. Thailand
  9. Germany
  10. Finland

Long-haul flights win out for Brits and, with WeSwap’s data showing that Brits would be willing to spend double the cost of Christmas on a holiday over the coming months. Half of the top ten Christmas destinations are more than a six-hour flight away. Long-haul flights are cheaper than ever and Brits are ready to take advantage of the prices to escape the ice and cold. As Britain is seemingly consumed by Brexit-mania, UK holidaymakers may be looking to get their trips in early before the next political shocker has the opportunity to shake the value of the pound. WeSwap’s research has found that 54% of Brits believe leaving the EU will negatively impact foreign currency and holidaying in general.

If Brits are looking to book their holidays sooner rather than later, they can take advantage of some great deals on flights for the rest of the winter:

  • London Gatwick to Tenerife
    • Sunday 3rd February to Tuesday 12th February
    • £65 round trip per person
  • London Heathrow to Bangkok, Thailand
    • Thursday 21st February to Saturday 2nd March
    • £308 round trip per person
  • Manchester to New York, USA
    • Saturday 2nd February to Saturday 9th February
    • £280 round trip per person