Here Comes the Answer of Samsung to Apple’s iPhone X


Apple amazed the world with the iPhone X. Now it is the turn of Samsung.

The electronics giant of South Korea is scheduled to reveal the Galaxy S9, its latest phone, on Sunday, during its Unpacked event at the Mobile World Congress trade show that will be held in Barcelona, Spain. The invitation of Samsung for the said launch featured the number nine that stands for the name of the device, as well as a teaser which says: “The Camera. Reimagined.”

The most important product line of Samsung is the Galaxy S series. The odds are pretty high that people who own an Android phone, own one that it bears the logo of Samsung. According to IDC, in 2017, about one out of every five phones that are shipped across the globe came from the company.

The stakes are considerably lower compared to the launch of last year’s Galaxy S8, which was considered as the comeback phone following the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 that had a harmful tendency to catch fire. However, with Apple raising the stakes with the company’s expanded family of iPhones — especially with the redesigned iPhone X — there is still pressure for Samsung to impress the world with its newest flagship phone.

If people are planning to upgrade their device and favor Android, they are probably going to opt for the Galaxy S9. It is considered to be such a massive launch that no other major makers of handsets are using MWC to introduce the latest flagship phones of their companies, for fear that they would only be overshadowed by Samsung’s launch.

Samsung is widely assumed to keep the design of the Galaxy S9 essentially the same as the S8 of last year. The question is whether the company will do enough with the new phone to get users to purchase it, or if it is sufficient to hang on to their existing phone a little longer. After all, there remain the persistent discussions regarding a Samsung phone that has a foldable screen.

Carolina Milanesi, the Creative Strategies analyst, said: “I don’t think people are actually expecting a big leap with the S9. They already had a lot of the features that the iPhone X added. What else can you expect from this?”

Samsung refused to comment regarding the matter ahead of its announcement.