‘Compare the Market’ spruces itself up for £2bn stock market float

Meerkat toys – via comparethemarket.com

Famous for its advertisements that feature meerkats, Compare the Market, according to its official website comparethemarket.com, hopes for a £2bn valuation.

The insurance firm behind price comparison site Compare the Market is preparing to make its stock market debut as soon as this fall.

BGL Group is preparing its house in ­order so that it could be in a situation to float the company shortly after its ­full-year results anticipated in September, sources familiar with the matter have stated.

The firm hired experts at Rothschild to caution investors about a likely float early 2016 but has been tight-lipped about the definite timeline, which could yet be pushed back.

A source said that if BGL decides to postpone, it will look to list after its next set of numbers are issued in 2018.

Famously known for its Compare the Market television commercials focused around a group of meerkats, the group has been planning to float since last year with a valuation of about £2bn.

Chief executive Matthew Donaldson said earlier this year that the firm was in the “unusual and luxurious” ­state of not having to hurry with a float, but confirmed that he was looking up a listing in the last six months of the year.