Cornwall Proposes Ban on Plastic Sraws to Lessen Ocean Pollution


Cornwall could be the first county in Britain to prohibit plastic straws in an effort to protect the country’s coastline.

A proposal to prohibit plastic straws from bars has been placed forward by Final Straw Cornwall, a campaign group who say that the move would protect local wildlife.

Straws are said to take hundreds of years to decompose and have been perceived to cause harm to animals.

James Neale, Final Straw Cornwall organiser, said: “The main aim is to stop businesses using single-use plastic straws across the whole of Cornwall – and for Cornwall to become the first straw-free county in the UK.

“Because Cornwall is out on the peninsula and it’s a beautiful place with loads of wonderful beaches and full of tourist attractions, we’re in a really strong position.

“It’s a really big environmental issue – not just to our oceans, but just generally.”

Plastic straws have become a new concern for environmentalists who are eager to lessen the amount of plastic that ends up in the world’s oceans. According to figures from IT, it is believed that every year, 8.5bn straws are used in the United Kingdom.

The group also have chef James Strawbridge involved as an ambassador.

Strawbridge stated: “A whole bunch of Cornish businesses are already behind this and we are starting to make announcements on this.

”It’s a celebration of a whole load of like-minded people working together. It’s not a case of if it’s a case of when.

“It’s really excited and I think the quicker we do this, it will allow us to reflect back what we’ve achieved in Cornwall in the rest of the UK and internationally”.

Earlier this year, JD Wetherspoon, a pub chain, stopped putting plastic straws in drinks for customers automatically and from January 2018, the chain will only make use of biodegradable paper straws.

Restaurants and bars have come under heightening pressure from a campaign that is called Refuse The Straw The said campaign was started in the United States and supported by Vivienne Westwood.