Creative Methods To Finance Your Dream Holiday


    13.9 million visits, which was 37% of the total visits to the UK in 2016 were holiday visits, with UK residents spending approximately £43.8 billion abroad, according to the Office for National Statistics travel trends. Saddled with 28 days of paid holiday per year as a full- time worker, holidays, both within and outside the country top the list of things you can do. However, financing your holiday trip even with the numerous travel credit card options remains a major concern for anyone who is planning their dream holiday. The good news is that you can have a getaway without breaking the bank. Here are inexpensive ways to easily and fully finance your dream holiday.

    Choose a budget-friendly location

    Holiday destinations can be quite expensive depending on the period, location and place of your stay and should be chosen carefully. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options. For instance, selecting one of the cottages at the Lake District National Park that offers you a range of activities such as steaming, hiking, trails and the incredible views on walking trails in one package is a bargain. Such a destination offers you a combined beach and mountain experience, making the holiday experience for you and your family much more fun and exciting. With so many hot travel destinations to try out, all you need is to plan in advance.

    Become a pro at saving

    The proven method of setting up a travel kitty at the beginning of the year to finance your dream holiday is the most effective method. Trying to save up enough money to afford your dream holiday will probably take you longer, but if you combine your travel savings, with money collected from auctioning your personal luxury items you don’t really use and involving your whole family, you can make that dream holiday a reality. This foolproof method of saving for vacation will help you avoid the debt and the pressure that comes from external borrowing.

    Secured loans and credit cards

    Saving up for a holiday is considered extremely time-consuming by many people. The minimum rates of interest and numerous charges on savings accounts also hinder you from achieving your target. If this is the case, securing a low rate personal loan is ideal in that it affords you a life-changing experience that can be deducted from your monthly salary after your holiday. A credit card is also a convenient way to finance yourself though you should be careful not to max out your credit limit.

    Work as you travel

    Freelancers and people who partially conduct their businesses online are slowly taking over the industry. The implications of such a technological upheaval in the job market are that you can sell your skill online or physically to a ready market even when on vacation. Financing your holiday on your holiday is actually pretty easy, especially with a work permit. Travelling to a country like Thailand, for example, for its exhilarating Bangkok lifestyle can be financed by teaching English to students in schools. If you prefer the beach life, working as a diving or surfing instructor can also pay up for your dream trip.

    Everyone needs time away from work every so often. Planning for a minimum of 21 days during the remaining 344 working days is guaranteed to make your annual leave a dream holiday. Reaching your travel savings target, planning your trip well in advance and getting your work permit before the trip saves you a lot of time and expenses, and assures you of a successful and less expensive dream holiday.

    Lucy Wyndham contributed to this article.