Crunch Brexit Vote Rescheduled To January


Downing Street have confirmed that British MPs would not get a chance to vote on the Brexit deal of Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, until January.

The withdrawal agreement was originally scheduled to be presented before the Parliament last Tuesday, however, it was pulled the day before as PM May faced an intensifying rebellion within her own party.

The Prime Minister has been in negotiations with the leaders of the European Union since then – aside from securing a vote of confidence in her leadership last Wednesday – in an attempt to get assurances that the controversial backstop plan will only be temporary if ever it is enacted.

Previously, PM May had vowed to bring the deal back for a vote before the 21st of January, and today it was confirmed that it would not be until the new year – with the Parliament scheduled to break for two and half weeks from the 20th of December.

The spokesperson of the Prime Minister stated: “The ‘meaningful vote’ will not be brought to Parliament before Christmas.”

The delay gives PM May more time to convince her MPs to sopport the deal, with 117 Tories voting against her staying on as the Prime Minister in a ballot last Wednesday.

While 200 did express their support for PM May, the size of the discontent means that she would almost certainly fail to get the withdrawal deal through the parliament in the absence of further assurances from the European Union.

If ever the deal is rejected, the parliament could step in to guide the government with the way on how to proceed in future talks- increasing the possibility of a closer relationship with the European Union than the current agreement sets out.

Jeremy Corbyn, tjhe leader of the Labour Party, stated: “There must be no more dither and delay, or attempts to run down the clock in an attempt to deny parliament alternative options.”

He continued: “She has admitted her deal is likely to be defeated by a significant margin. There is no time to waste, and parliament must take back control.”